Akita Inu Tourism is a destination management organization (DMO) that represents Odate City, Kitaakita City, Kosaka Town, and Kamikoani Village in northern Akita Prefecture. Founded in 2016, Akita Inu Tourism received official recognition from the national government as a Japanese DMO in 2017

Drawing on the popularity of the Akita dogs that call the region home, Akita Inu Tourism’s mission is to introduce the local cuisine, culture, and activities to international visitors.

Akita Inu Tourism

〒017-0031 Nipro Hachiko Dome Park Center, Kamidaino Aza Inaridai 1-1 Odate City, Akita Prefecture
TEL:(+81) 070-2020-3085

Meet Mofuu!

Mofuu is your friendly AI concierge to all the exciting things there are to do and see in Akita. Let him introduce you to all the food, events, and activities that make Akita special. He can’t wait to help you!


Name: Mofuu
Sex: Male
Mofuu is an honest and hardworking boy. Thanks to his special jumpsuit, he’s able to speak to and understand human language. He studies through the night to make sure he can provide you with the best information possible. He loves to eat, so you might see him snacking while he shows you around!

Local & Special Edition Products

Edamame Products

Edamame are best enjoyed fresh-picked. At Akita Inu Tourism, we've developed products with locals farmers that use only the freshest edamame. The beans are picked in the morning and processed the same day to lock in the fresh-picked goodness.

The geogrpahy of Odate City and Kitaakita City provide the perfect enviroment to grow high quality edamame. Located in a basin, the region enjoys warm days and cool nights which bring out the best flavor and nutrition edamame has to offer.

Edamame Waffle

These soft, luxurious waffle sandwiches are filled with sweet edamame paste and whipped cream. Great with coffee or tea.

Freeze dried morning harvest edamame (Powder)

In Akita, edamame is in season during July to October. The fresh edamame is processed and freeze dried after harvesting so its goodness can be savored in anytime.

Edamame Noodles

Healthy pasta alternative made with edamame and rice flour.

Shelled Edamame

Our locally grown edamame is nothing if not versitile. Use it in cakes, soups, salads and more. With pre-shelled edamame, your cooking is made that much easier.

Edamame Paste

Edamame is rich in protein, beta-carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin C and more. Our edamame paste adds a nutritious kick to your cooking.

Soy Products

Soy Spread

Additive-free maragarine replacement spread made with Akita grown soy and sunflower oil.

Soy Mayo

Cholesterol and egg free mayonnaise replacement spread made with Akita grown soy milk.

Collaborative Products

LIMITEDEDITION Akita Edamame Baked Snack

Uses 100% Akita grown Edamame. This delicious Ginbis snack is only available in Akita and Tokyo.
Please email your order to info@test.visitakita.com or use the contact information below.


【Where to buy】Akita Inu Tourism

【Address】Nipro Hachiko Dome Park Center, Kamidaino Inaridai 1-1, Odate City, Akita Prefecture JAPAN



【Closed】Weekends, holidays, December 30- January 3



【Akita Inu Tourism】
Kamidaino Inaridai 1-1, Akita City, Akita Prefecture, 017-0031 JAPAN