Kamikoani area

Kamikoani Project

Kamikoani Village plays host to a wide range of artists, musicians, and performers during this one of a kind arts festival. Exhibitions are open around the village in former schools, small mountain hamlets, and other interesting venues.
Modern artists from the Akita University of Art and all around Japan come to exhibit their works. Every year the installations change, so there is always something new to see!


8月11日(土) オープニングイベント
8月18日(土) 伝統芸能競演イベント
9月1日(土) 沖田面小学校音楽室ライブ
9月6日(木) 健康ウォーキング
9月17日(月) 上小阿仁音楽散歩 八木沢
9月30日(日) クロージングイベント


【Where】①Yagisawa Venue(Terraced rice field and former Yagisawa school), ②Okitaomote venue(Okitaomote Elementary School)

【When】August 5 to September 17, 2017 ※2017 event finished.

【Contact】Kamikoani General Administration Division TEL:0186-77-2221



Kamikoani Village