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Kiritampo Festival

Savor Akita's most famous food

Kiritampo is the most famous food from Akita Prefecture. It is made by mashing newly harvest rice and grilling it on a wooden skwerer around a fire. Kiritampo can be enjoyed many ways, but most well-known is a stew call kiritampo-nabe that uses local vegetables and Hinai chicken. Every year Odate hosts the Kiritampo Festival after the autumn rice harvset, when the rice is the most delicioius.
Restaurants gather from around the region to compete to see who makes the best kiritampo-nabe and serve new kiritampo recipes. Throughout the festival there are live musical performances, dance shows, and plenty of hands-on activities!

Parking Information

Pay parking is available at the Hachiko Dome for ¥1,000. The 500 car capacity lot fills up quickly.
Free Parking is available across from Odate Station (200 cars), Hotel Route Inn Odate Station South (400 cars), and Aeon Supercenter (1300 cars).

Shuttle Bus Information

[Hachiko Shuttle]
Hotel Route Inn Odate Station South ⇔ JR Odate Station ⇔ NIPRO Hachiko Dome
[First Bus] 9:15 from Hotel Route Inn Odate Station (last departure@17:00, 14:30 final day)
[Last Bus] 18:10 from NIPRO Hachiko Dome (15:40 final day)
[Jukai Line Shuttle]
[First Bus] 9:15 from AEON SUPERCENTER (last departure@17:00,14:30 final day)
[Last Bus] 18:10 from NIPRO Hachiko Dome (15:40 final day)
●Both shuttles depart every 10-20 minutes
●Departs every 30 minutes after 17:00 on first two days
●Shuttle bus parking lot is free


【Where】NIPRO Hachiko Dome

【When】Saturday, October 7, 2017(10:00 to 18:00), Sunday, October 8, 2017(10:00 to 18:00), Monday, October 9, 2017(10:00 to 15:30) ※2017 event finished.

【Contact】Odate Food Festival Committee TEL:0186-48-7400



NIPRO Hachiko Dome